ELISA Characterization of Antibodies

Catalogue # Service Price (US $)
CE-1010 Antibody Titration:  
    First Antibody (per antigen) $ 287.00
    Each Additional Antibody (per antigen) 71.00
CE-1015 Standard Indirect Sandwich ELISA:  
    First Capture Antibody, Antigen and Detection Antibody 375.00
    Each Additional Capture Antibody 138.00
    Each Additional Antigen (per capture antibody)


    Each Additional Detection Antibody (per antigen per capture antibody) 55.00
CE-1020 Standard Competitive Binding ELISA:  
    First Antibody (per competitor) 485.00
    Each Additional Antibody (per competitor) 88.00
CE-1030 Crossreaction Characterization:  
    Each Competitor (per antibody) 88.00
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